What does “Avan Tavatav” mean?

“Avan Tavatav” contains two words. “Avan” was the name of an ancient city which is now called “Dezfool” in south of Iran. “Tavatav” is a Persian word meaning strength and power.

About Avan Tavatav Co.

Avan Tavatav Company has been registered in 2009 in registration general office for company and industrial properties of Iran –Tehran.
This is a privately owned company and the span of activities are commercial trade and manufacturing of goods in textile and food industry, also providing management, investment in domestic and foreign markets and engaging in import and export.
Currently the main activity of the company is importing cotton fibers from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and India, also exporting Mazafati dates and Raisins to various destinations in the region.
Besides commercial activities, the imports and exports of Avan Tavatav Co. include:
  • Importing cotton fibers from Tajikistan (About 50% of imported cotton fibers to Iran from Tajikistan in recent years has been done by Avan Tavatav Co.)
  • Importing cotton fibers from Uzbekistan to Iran
  • Importing cotton fibers from India to Iran
  • Importing a variety of Polyester, Polyester-Viscose, and other kinds of synthetic yarns, also Polyester fibers from India
  • Importing Polyester fibers from Thailand
  • Importing Polyester yarns from China
  • Exporting different kinds of commodities in the extent of activities of the company, especially Mazafati dates and Raisins
Managers and staff of this company have long experiences in high levels of different companies especially in textile industry of Iran and are highly skilled in various textile industry activities including manufacturing yarns, fabrics and ….
“Avan Tavatav Co.” is a subsidiary of “Tavatav Trading Group”.